Monday, March 30, 2015

Huahine Comes to an End!

We had another amazing week here on the beautiful island of Huahine. We still do not have our car so were obligated to ride our bikes every day. I do not know how many miles we rode . . . a lot! But I prefer our bikes so its all good! The only problem is that we cannot be as efficient and do all the things that we had normally planned. We really learned to use our time wisely and focused on the most important things. We find over and over again each day that when we are doing our best, God always finds a way to inform us of the things we need to do. A good example of this was yesterday. We had finished with church and had several lessons planned. We set out on our bikes and first tried to see Tila who was not there. After this we went to see Hinatea, Marcel, Tino, Tupu, and Patricia. Two hours later we stopped ourselves in the heat of the sun to take a drink and think about who God had prepared for us to see. There is always someone . . . we just have to find them. At this moment, I thought of Mohelanie! Normally her lessons are on Saturdays but since we had an activity at the church, we were not able to see her on Saturday. When we arrived we found her there seemly waiting to have her lesson! We then found that another one of our investigators, Henriette, was in the house talking to Mohelanies mother. So we had a lovely lesson with Mohelanie and right after with Henriette! This has been a good lesson that I have learned on my mission. If a lesson falls through or someone is not ready or does not have the desire . . . there is always someone else who has more of a need! I have learned to not think too much of canceled lessons and to just continue. To search out who is there and who is ready! The Holy Ghost truly is such an amazing blessing as a missionary! 
I also received my first transfer call this week! I will be transferred April 8th to Papeari, Tahiti! My new companion is Soeur Faana. She is Tahitian and that is all I know about her! I am beyond excited to move on and find the other miracles that my mission has in store for me but at the same time am very sad because I have grown to love life here on Huahine. This is my ward, the members are my family, our investigators are some of my best friends, the stray cats and dogs on the sides of the road are my pets, and everything else has just become home to me! I know that I have been here on the island of Huahine for lots of different reasons! The last four months have treated me so well! It is amazing to see how far I have come with everything. With my teaching skills, with the languages, and with me as a person. I love the fact that we have each new day to change, improve, and become more and more like our Savior. The Christlike attributes are a gift that God has given us. It is a blessing that we have the opportunity to study the life of Christ, the things He did, and the person He is. We need to constantly realize that we have weakness and keep the desire to improve. I love looking for ways to change! And I am excited to change and progress again in my new area! I am so blessed! I know that God lives and that He loves us! I know that we all have such a great potential in our lives here on earth! And that if we will live our lives for God he will help us reach that potential! Thanks again for everything! I love and miss you all! You are in my thoughts and always in my prayers! 

Love, Tuahine Kofford
Little Tahitian friends!
This is the trail we hike every Wednesday for the lesson of Maeva and Heiata! Micheline also just lives about a half mile up! So blessed! Pray for Maeva and her husband to agree to be married so she can be baptized!

Micheline made me this flower crown! She has agreed to be baptized but has to wait until after her marriage in July! I love Micheline!
              This is my second mom Soeur Vanina!

Biking it all day everyday!

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