Monday, April 6, 2015

Happy Easter!

Iaorana friends and family! 
Wow I do not even know what to say or where to start! It was another amazing week and I still love my mission! I started out my week by reading a scripture in the bible that talked about how if we have God on our side, then who is really against us. So this week I tried to involve our Heavenly Father in our missionary work as much as possible. I truly do love seeing the hands of God in our lives and in the lives of others. I love seeing His blessings and His miracles that He willingly grants to everyone if we will do our part. One of my absolutely favorite things as a missionary is seeing the lives of others change for the better. Watching them improve their faith, receiving the desire to repent and use the atonement, and ultimately make the decision to be baptized and receive the gift of the Holy Ghost to be totally purified for their sins. The gospel of Jesus Christ is so amazing! And I thank Heavenly Father each day for the blessing I have of being able to have this knowledge and truth and having the opportunity to share it. Something we all need to remember as well is that these steps are possible only through our Savior, Jeus Christ. Since it was Easter this week I hope you all thought a lot about Him and remember what He did for each and every one of us! He chose to come to earth and to suffer the pains of all of our sins. His life was not easy, He was persecuted and mocked. And after all of that, in the garden of Gethsemene, He took upon Him the sins of the world. He also gave His life on the cross and gave us the best example of forgiveness when He asked the father to forgive the world for they knew not what they did. And three days after He was resurrected. And it is through this that we can all be ressurected as well. He gave everyone the gift of immortality. I loved how in general conference lots of talks were on Adam and Eve and the Atonement. I truly do know that the fall of Adam and Eve was forseen by God. It was part of His plan. Before the plan when Adam and Eve were in the garden it was good because they were in the presence of God and were immortal. But at the same time they could not have children and could not know joy because they could not know good from evil. After the fall it was good because they could fulfill the commandment to multiply and replenish the earth and also they knew joy because their eyes were opened to the things of good and evil, but they could sin and also they would eventually die. But it is through our Savior Jesus Christ and His atonement that all is made right.  Even the bad affects of the fall were made good through Him. I know that if we will turn to Him and ask to be forgiven we can be made clean from our sins and I know as well that we can live again! Wow! This is so great! I know that God loves us because He gave us His son! I know that if we will continue to use the atonement of Christ in our lives and follow His example that we can return to live with God and like God always in happiness! The church is true! I hope you all listened to general conference and received new information and personal revalation! I definitely did! I know that the words of the prophet and apostles are the words of God and now it is up to us to apply the things we learned! So as  you go about your lives this week, think of our Savior and His love and sacrifice for each one of us and apply at least one of the things that you learned in general conference into your lives! I love you all! Thanks again for everything! 
Love, Soeur Kofford
Ariihau and Herehau!
Holding a toy gun was too good haha ! Dad I miss our adventures together and look so forward to our future memories out on the mountain!
This is today! Last supper with Andy and his family! We ate fish for breakfast . . . haha but it was good! And Holly! I officially really love raw fish! Crazy but true! Life of a Tahitian!

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