Monday, April 27, 2015

Keep the Hope!

Hello friends and family!
Things are still going well here at Papeari. Every day seems to present itself with a new challenge but I like trying to figure out the best way to get to the soution. We lost two of our most progressing investigators yesterday; it was probably one of the hardest things I have had to live through. It is so hard to see someone you love take the wrong path when they were so close to finding themselves in Christ. Of course when we received the news I automatically thought about all of the things that I could have done better that maybe could have helped the situation. I am sure there are lots of things but I finally accepted that we have to leave the people with their agency and trust that God will provide a way. I have loved having the opportunity to hope this last week. To improve my faith in God and to accept His will. I am still trying to be the missionary that God wants me to be so that He can continue to show us miracles that will strengthen our testimonies. Like we learn in Ether 12:6, the testimony comes only after the trial of our faith. But we have to show our Heavenly Father that we have this faith. We need to be obedient, diligent, hopeful, and try to be perfected in Christ each day. I read a scripture this week in the bible that I loved! It was in Col. 3:14. It tells us how to receive perfection. It says that CHARITY IS THE BOND OF PERFECTION. So as I continue to live my mission through the good days and the hard days I will try to always have charity so I can be perfected as a missionary which will be how I can show my faith and hope to our Heavenly Father and when this is done, we are worthy of the miracles and blessings that He wants to give us and it will be easier for us to accept His will. I know this Church is true. I am thankful for our trials because they give us the opportunity to rely on the love of God, be saved by our Savior, Jesus Christ, and stay worthy to receive the guidance of the Holy Ghost each day. Keep your heads up! God loves you! He is always there for you! Thanks again for all of your love, support, and encouragement! I love you all! Keep Sœur Faana and I in your prayers!
Love, Sœur Heather Kofford
Serving in paradise!

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