Monday, March 9, 2015

The Grace of God

IAORANA friends and family!
I hope and pray that life continues to go wonderfully for you all! Thank you again for all of your love and support for me! I am so blessed! It was another great week for Soeur Martin and I! I honestly love my mission! You are told in life that it is better to find a job and career that you love because it will be easier to get up everyday and go to work if you love what you do! Well I can honestly say that I do love getting up everyday and going to work! There are the trials and hard things in everyday but there are also endless miracles, blessings, and tender mercies. God lives and He loves us. This week, I did a lot of reflecting on a certain scripture. 2 Nephi 25:23. It is only after all that we can do that we are saved by the grace of God. I have thought about this concept before and have even applied it before in my life. When we have tests in High School, we need to try to prepare ourselves the best we can and do all that we can to know the material in order to score well on the test and earn a good grade. And after we do all that is possible for us to do is when God will help us and assure the good grade. When I read this scripture this week I felt like there was something more to it. So I studied it out a bit and found that the grace of God is actually a power that He gives us to accomplish more than we ever thought we could. When we do all that we can and all that we know how and have faith in Him, He gives us the strength and power to do more and ultimately earn the reward. This week, Soeur Martin and I did just that. We used our bikes for most of the week because the car was with the other Sisters on the other half of the island. We literally climbed mountains to find that our investigators were not there. We had a really hard lesson with an interesting man who had all kinds of different beliefs about our church. And it was in English so I had to do the whole thing haha. We had quite a few minor trials that could have easily kinked our days. But we continued. We truly did do our best. And God gave us the power to continue and seek out the miracles He had prepared for us. We had another lesson with Teiva and Florida which was great! This couple was my first lesson when I arrived here and we did not have another one until last week. They were active in one church and recently changed to another. They told us that they knew something was missing and that they kept thinking of the two young women who stopped to share a message one day. They explained that they had been watching for one of the members of the LDS church to pass their house so they could ask for another missionary lesson. And sure enough, our paths were led that day to their humble home and they explained that we were an answer to their prayer. This was a cool experience for me along with many others! I truly do know that when we do our best, God will provide the rest! Never forget that in your lives! God is there! He wants what is best for each one of His children and He truly does know and love each and every one of us! Try your best to do your best each day and I know God will bless you! There are blessings waiting everywhere for us! The church is true! Thanks again for everything! I hope you all have a fantastic week! 
Love, Soeur Heather Kofford
Amelia was so nice and drove us back to the other side of the island so we would not be late for our lesson!

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