Monday, March 2, 2015

Best Job In the World!

IAORANA friends and family!
I am hoping life is going wonderfully for you! I hope you are happy and smiling and finding the good in each day because that is the only way to live! Life for me has continued to treat me well! It blows my mind the miracles that I see each day and the happiness I feel each day getting to teach the Gospel of Jesus Christ. This week we had another Miracle Baptism! Matai was an investigator that Soeur Hunter and I found through a survey about a month ago. She had already received the missionary lessons but did not yet accept the gospel into her life. We started to teach her again and she soon fell in love with the lessons and the spirit she felt when we taught. She found the truth for herself and started coming to church and all of our activities. The only problem holding her back from her baptism was that she lives with her aunt and her aunt would not let her continue to live in the house if Matai joined the Church of Jesus Christ. So Wednesday last week we decided to have a little talk with her aunt! We discovered that she was not the problem after all and that we needed to ask permission from her father. We found Romeo, the father of Matai, and to my surprise he was another potential investigator that Soeur Hunter and I had found through the survey. He accepted the baptism of Matai as well as the missionary lessons. Matai was baptized Saturday! We have so many miracles in each day it literally is impossible to write them all in the weekly email. From running into people on the street or literally being guided to people who have been prepared. We met another girl named Hereana last week as well. We shared a short message with her and arranged to have a lesson with her by a certain bridge a few days later. When we arrived we waited for about five minutes and noticed another lady about the same age as Hereana all alone. She seemed to be waiting for someone. We decided that she was waiting for us and we grabbed a Book of Mormon and went to talk to her! Her name is Sandrine and she was well prepared for the gospel. We have already had two lessons with her and she is progressing quickly! Our paths were directed that day, we met Sandrine through Hereana, and I am thankful that we listened to the spirit that told us to talk to Hereana even if she never showed up for her lesson so that we could meet Sandrine. I truly do love my mission. I have the best job in the world. I get to go out each day and talk to people, inviting them to come unto Christ. I love seeing others find happiness through the truth of the gospel and watching the lives of Heavenly Fathers children change. I also have grown to love the fact that I am always within sight and sound of an automatic friend. There is a reason that we teach the gospel in twos! I have chosen to love each of my companions and have been blessed with the friendships that have been formed! I am thankful for the opportunity that I have to bring souls unto Christ and am proud to be a representative of Him as well. As missionaries we have kind of a hard role to fill . . . we represent someone who is perfect in everyway which means we are expected to be perfect as well. This is infact impossible. But it is possible to improve little by little each day and be perfected in Christ! Strive to follow His example in your lives! He lives and He loves you! I hope you all have a great week! Thank you for your love, support, and friendships! I am so blessed! I love you all! 
Love, Tuahine Heather Kofford
Tauis lesson is always at the beach! I truly am serving in paradise!

Baptism of MATAI!
This is me every morning! I love Soeur Martin because she will run with me! We run well over a mile each day which has been such a blessing!

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