Monday, March 9, 2015

Meeting Sister Kofford

Dear Holly,
I wanted to share with you an experience that we had with your daughter just last week while we were on vacation in Tahiti. We had just traveled on the Paul Gauguin cruise ship from Tahiti to Huahine on Sunday morning. We decided to visit the branch and sat just outside of the chapel for Sacrament meeting, we found it interesting singing the sacrament song in French, but when it came to understanding the talks we didn’t receive any gift of tongues that day. We decided to leave before Sacrament Meeting finished, but were glad to see a Sister Missionary who had made her way out to introduce herself to us and not too long after her companion followed.

We learned how your daughter had spent extra time in the MTC with the need to learn both French and Tahitian, but now had been out on Huahine since she had arrived. Your daughter has such a tremendous spirit with her, as beautiful as the Islands were, we consider that moment meeting your daughter and her companion and being able to feel of their great compassion, kindness and desire to serve as one of the highlights of our trip.

When we learned that you live in Highland, just a jump over a little mountain from us in Draper, I told her how fun it would be for us to take a picture and let you know how well she appeared to be doing to us and how much we enjoyed talking to her. She mentioned that we were just the second group of tourists that found the way to the church since she has been there.

I think the picture tells the story of how we felt about Sister Kofford, her smile tells it well. My wife and I (standing on the right side) were traveling with her sister and husband, they are from North Ogden. It was a bucket list vacation that was made even better with us having the chance to meet your daughter and her companion.

Hope all is well with you and that this helps you to know that your daughter is doing well and carries a tremendous aura of good about her. I do think she found it fun to talk with someone that was so close to home. Please feel free to call or email with any questions.


Randy & Laura Johnson
Dale & Janine Brown

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