Tuesday, May 26, 2015

First Week as a Trainer!

Iaorana friends and family! Things in the mission life of Soeur Kofford are going well. I still cannot believe that I have been on my mission for a little over eight months. I am now in my second area and training a new missionary! I honestly feel like I got here yesterday and that I am the brand new missionary that has everything to learn. Thinking back on the last eight months, I have learned a lot and I am  so beyond thankful for the choice I made to serve a mission. My new companion is Soeur Shariatmadari and she is from Draper haha. When we tell people that our houses are literally twenty minutes away from each other, they think it is so weird that we did not know each other before the mission. It will be fun getting home from the mission and having her so close! Anyway, like I mentioned in the last weeks letter, my companion was going to be Soeur Gray from Arizona . . .  but in her interview President Bize changed his mind and now I am with Soeur Shariatmadari. So at least we know our companionship is inspired. I truly am trying to be a good trainer for her. I am trying to be exactly obedient, diligent, and nice to everyone. I want her to have a similar experience like I did with my trainer. I know that we are together in this area of Papeari for lots of reasons. Right now, starting out is kind of fun because we get to start our journey together and start to uncover the miracles God has in store for us if we will do our best and learn to rely on Him. We have had some success in this last week! When we were teaching one of the follow up lessons at a new converts house, they had a cute young couple that had moved in with them and will be staying for quite a while. I immediately started talking to them, shared a little message, and committed them to take the missionary discussions! They accepted and even came to church yesterday! Their names are Jiovany and Laura! Please keep them in your prayers! We also received a reference from one of my favorite sisters in the ward. This investigators name is Tepoe. We talked to her one time and shared a message and committed her to the missionary lessons. When we went back for the second lesson, she said that since the day we stopped by and talked to her, everything in her life had been going a lot better. She found out that she is going to have twins and is super happy and also her work is going really well. We also teach two little girls named Chloe and Ravanui. We taught a couple of lessons and they were not really serious. Finally, yesterday we had another lesson, and when we asked if they said their prayers they responded with a yes! Chloe gave the opening prayer for the lesson and it blew my mind! There are all kinds of people with different stories, lives, trials and situations. Everyone whether they know it or not are being prepared for the gospel of Jesus Christ. I know that God lives and that He loves and knows us. I know that He will willingly give us peace in this life and eternal life in the life to come! All of this is possible through our Savior, Jesus Christ! I am so thankful for the truth that we have and the chance we have to share it! Keep loving life! Let God lead your paths! I love you and He loves you! Thank you again for all of your love and support and just everything!! Have a great week!
Love, Soeur Heather Kofford
Soeur Martin, myself, and Soeur Shariatmadari

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