Thursday, June 4, 2015

The Sun Has Come Out at Papeari!

Iaorana friends and family!
We had another great week together! I love my companion Sœur Shariatmadari and God has definitely been good to us! We have spent our days being diligent and obedient and practicing our faith, but also having fun along the way. Sœur Shariatmadari tells me that I am no longer American. We found a spider bigger than my hand in the bathroom the other day. Naturally I killed it and my cute companion started freaking out! haha It was the funniest thing. Also, we had to buy paper towels, hand soap, and several other items at the store that I had forgotton were necessary before coming to Tahiti! It is fun being two Americans together! People are super nice and life truly is always an adventure! This week we had two sisters from our ward come and work with us for a couple hours one day. They showed us several people that were very interested in taking our lessons. One of which was Poohina. When we arrived at her house, the spirit was already really strong. We introduced ourselves and shared a little message about our Savior Jesus Christ and then we felt like we needed to invite her to be baptized . . .so we did! She accepted. So her baptism will be the 11th of July! We also have two new investigators named Laura and Jiovany! We had two lessons with them and on the third lesson they awkwardly told us that they did not want to continue. This broke us a little bit but we did not lose our faith. Saturday night I decided to call them and invite them to Church just incase they felt like coming. We got to Church not expecting them to be there . . . and to our surprise there they were sitting on the front row! We will be having a family night with them this week and will ask them to see if they want to continue the lessons. It was such a miracle to see them at the chapel! We also ave a cute investigator named Monoihere who is totally ready to be baptized but her parents are not okay with it. Her sister had to wait until she turned 18 to be baptized and now is leaving on her mission tomorrow! Monoiheres sister talked to her parents while we were right there with her. Their hearts were softened and they said that they would think about it. She just has to get the paper signed and then her baptism should be good for August! We have so many miracles that happen each day and it truly is amazing to see the lives of others change through this amazing gospel. I love the scripture Doctrine and Covenants 59:23. It tells us that if we accomplish our works here on the earth, we will be rewarded with peace in this life and with eternal life in the life to come! I know that this is true. I receive the peace that the gospel brings every single day and truly do know that we are not alone in this work! It does get hard sometimes when the plan doesn't go as planned, when people use their agency in negative ways, or when your own weaknesses are put right before your eyes over and over again. But I know that as we do our part, God will save us each and every day. Every minute and hour of every day if neccesary! I love our Heavenly Father! I love you all! Thanks for your love, support, prayers, and everything!
Have a great week!
Love, Sœur Heather Kofford
Sister Shariatmadari and me catching a ride!
The kids we teach gave us gifts for Mother's Day
Sister Shariatmadari and me with our coconuts!
I love my new companion!

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