Monday, February 23, 2015

Fantastic Tahiti Surprise!

Ty and Alli,

Here’s the experience that my wife and I had with sister Kofford.  (You might want to forward this message to the Koffords?)

We arrived in Huahine Tahiti at 8am Sunday the 8th of Feb so we had to hurry to make it to church by 9am.  We arrived a few minutes late so the opening song was underway.   We were ushered in and invited to sit on the second row. 

After the sacrament a sister missionary who I think had been playing the hymns for sacrament meeting came over to sit by my wife and I.  She asked if we would like her to translate the testimonies into English.  Of course we welcomed to offer and were so grateful.  In between testimonies she asked us where we were from.  We told her Lindon, Utah.  She got excited and said she was from Highland.   I told her my brother Tyler Norton lives in Highland and she asked with even greater excitement, “Tyler and Allison?   I love their family.   That’s my ward… they are in my ward!  I love their family so much.”

I was surprised to learn she had only been in Tahiti for a short time because she did a wonderful job translating.  She even translated my testimony at the pulpit for the congregation.    It was fun to tell the congregation that we just met and that she knows my brother and his family in Utah.

After sacrament she introduced us to Billy who had committed to be baptized the following Saturday.  Billy bore his testimony also.

Words can’t express the blessing it was to meet Sister Kofford that day.  It was a wonderful tender mercy.

Her spirit, smile, personality and love of the Tahitian people was palpable.    Congratulations on raising and preparing such a wonderful missionary.

We met so many members of the church in Tahiti.  Our Tahitian brothers and sisters are amazing!

May the Lord continue to bless Sister Kofford and the missionary efforts worldwide!

All the best,

Brad and Debbie Norton

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