Monday, October 5, 2015

Find Joy in the Simple Things!

Bonjour Friends and Family!
I love you and miss you all! You are always in my thoughts and prayers! We had a great week here at Mahina! We do not have lots and lots of investigators, but the ones we do have are golden and I love them so much! We have seen many miracles this week which strengthen our testimonies and allows us to know again and again that this really is the work of the Lord! One of my favorite things that happened this week is that we were having a lesson with one of the couples we are working with. We were sitting on bleacher seats for a little volleyball game, when a bus drove by and dropped off several returning students from school! My eyes were directed to a young girl and I was prompted to talk with her. She was sparkling and darling and when I told her a little bit about who we were and the amazing job we do each day, she immediately accepted the lessons. Her name is Ranihei. She explained to us where she lived so we could stop by after talking to the couple. When we got to her house the atmosphere was a little strange. Her mom did not want to come out at first, but then she finally accepted our proposition to start the lessons with her cute daughter! Not wanting to waste time I asked if we could share a little message right then and there. We were invited into the house where we found the dad. There were already Books of Mormons,  Hymn books and other church items all over the place. In my confusion, they explained that both parents were members, even returned missionaries who had lost their way many years ago. This was heartbreaking and I know that this encounter was inspired. God needs them to re-find themselves and is giving them a second chance through their daughter! We committed them to talking about baptism and to pick a date in October for her to be baptized! Such a miracle! It was sad for me to see this couple so far from the things they once knew and practiced. I set the goal in my mind that no matter what life throws at me . . . I hope I will not fall far because I will continue to find joy in the simple things! 
A couple weeks ago when we were having a hard day, I fell upon one of my old journals and found a compliment inside that one of my past companions had given me. She said that she liked working with me because I was kind, happy, and positive! On this hard day, I realized that the problems that were surfacing were there because things were too complicated between my companion and I and with other other things that were going on. Simplicity is so important in life! And the thing that I love is that the gospel is based on such simple principles. It is true that there are greater depths of gospel truths that can be found through pondering and personal revelation, but the most important things are in the most simplest truths. We are children of our Heavenly Father who loves us and we love Him! We have a brother, Savior, and friend who is Christ. He is constantly there to help and heal our hearts and souls! We are not alone! We have a comforter and guide who is the Holy Ghost! And as soon as we have made the sacred covenants at baptism and continue to invite Him into our lives through our worthiness, His presence will assure us of the good and warn us of the evil. We have a knowledge of an eternal life that will also give us an explainable joy during our mortal journey here on earth! The church is so true and it changes lives! So if any of you are struggling with the challenges of life, go back to the simple things! Remember who you are, why you are here, who you are capable of becoming, who loves you, and where you are going! 
I also loved General Conference! Lots of inspiration and personal revelation was received! I hope you all loved it as much as I did! I know that we have a living prophet and apostles that lead and guide our church today! I know that these men are called of God and are doing their part in helping us find our way back to our Heavenly Home! I loved these sessions of Conference because the topics were not complicated, new or strange. The things talked about are the same gospel truths that will save us in the end if we will just continue to find joy in the simple things! So this week, keep reading your scriptures, praying, and obeying the commandments! Put your trust and faith in God! He knows best! This church is true! I love our Heavenly Father and I am so thankful for my life and our identity! I love you all! I pray for you! Keep loving every day and have a great week! JE VOUS AIME!
Love, Soeur Kofford
A mountain view! I miss this!
Sister Stastny and me!

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