Monday, October 19, 2015

What Will We Do With Our Hands?

Bonjour friends and family!
I can hardly believe that another week has come and gone! I can honestly say that every single day in this past week has flown by! I am loving life! I love my companion Soeur Statsny! I hope that I will be able to stay with her until the end of her mission, because I do not want her to be transferred! She is so awesome and we have a lot in common! She has the mission figured out and is easy to talk to and be around! I also love our investigators! There are always people waiting and being prepared for the good news of the gospel! I now know the ward members better and I love them as well! Elder Haleck from the seventy came to talk to us on Tuesday and I had a great experience! I learned again that I am here to love! I had a peace in my heart, because that is already what I am doing! This gospel is a gospel of happiness and love and I am so privileged to be sharing this knowledge with others each and every day!
A cool study that we did this week was focusing on what we do with our hands! From the early minutes of the morning we start. We exercise, we get ready, we cook, we study, we ponder, we learn, we open gates, we hug, we serve, we flip through pages, we talk, we wave, we blow kisses, we wash, we eat, we do an infinite amount of things each day with our hands. And often we do not notice the good we do. We do not compare our lives and hands to the life and hands of our Savior, Jesus Christ. What did He do with His hands? He beckoned "Come Follow Me!" He comforted the lonely, healed the sick, lifted Peter and helped him walk upon the water, washed the feet of His disciples, blessed the sacrament, created the earth, multiplied the fish and bread, and prayed fervently with our Heavenly Father. He did all of these things because He loves us! He was there to love! He is still there and He still loves! And He can also show His love through us! He accomplished each and every one of these things to show us a perfect example. So that we might parallel our lives with His and use our hands in similar ways. I also love how He used his hands during the Atonement. In the garden of Gethsemane, He suffered in prayer, clasping His hands and paying the price of our sins. Upon the cross, He sacrificed His hands and allowed nails to be driven through them. And with His Resurrection, He came back into the world inviting us all to come unto Him to to touch his hands. (3 Nephi 11:10-15) It is our choice to come unto Him! Through the little choices we make each day, we can choose Him and His love! He loves us and knows us perfectly! He is there to love! And so are we if we are to follow His example! So this week as you all go throughout your lives, pay attention to the things you do with your hands! There might not be a blindman waiting for the touch of sight . . . but there will be someone that is lost spiritually who will need your light to find the way back. There may not be someone needing to be lifted up to walk on water, but there will be someone going through a trial that will need you to lighten their load. There will always be someone in need of your hands! God will bless you with opportunities to serve, if you will just look! I know that Christ lives! He is our brother and friend! Come unto Him! 
Thanks again for everything! I say it every week but I truly am thankful for your love and support! You all have been such blessings in my life! I love you all! Have an amazing week!
Love, Soeur Kofford
Love Sister Stastny!
Mini conference!
Leadership council!
Played soccer where the world cup was held! Tahiti came in second for their beach last season!
La vie est belle!
Loving the beach!

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