Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Time Flies!

Iaorana Friends and Family!
Well it has officially been a year this week since I started on this miraculous journey we like to call a mission! I can honestly tell you that I cannot imagine my life without my mission! I have learned so much and life has such a deeper meaning now! This church is so true and I am so thankful for the knowledge I have found for myself in my life! I still love to say that as missionaries, we have the best job in the world! We get to study and unfold the hidden secrets of God, share our happiness with others, and invite others to Come Unto Christ! We had another great week! Naomi and Lucy were baptized! At both baptism services, their mothers (one who is not a member and one who is excommunicated) both said the same things! They said that even though their daughters are still fairly young, they have seen them change over the last little bit, when they first started the missionary lessons. Both mothers said that through the things they have learned and heard from listening in on lessons that the church can be nothing but true! These mothers do not know each other and the baptisms were on two different days and it was so cool to me to be able to hear the same things from both of their mouths! The thing that touched me the most is that they both said  that they wanted a better life for their daughters than they had lived themselves. We helped these women realize that it was never too late to come back to Christ in life and to start anew! Through Christ and His atonement, everything is possible!  With the teachings and the truth of this gospel, their daughters will lead a better life. Because they know who they are and what is available for them if they stay on the right path through their faith and obedience! We are children of God! We lived with Him before this life. He loves us and He knows us! I love thinking about things that we did with Him in this premortal state! I can imagine each of us seated with our Heavenly Father, our last personal interview with Him before our departure to earth! I know that in this discussion, we agreed to a great and marvelous work here on earth! We agreed to accomplish a lot and find who we really are and what we are capable of doing! As we crossed the veil to this mortal existence we obviously forgot all of these promises and agreements. But this is okay, because we are here to find them again! As long as we are living our lives to the best of our abilities in accordance to the principles and ordinances of this gospel, with God as our best friend . . . there is no doubt that we will find all of the items that were perfectly placed on our list of things to do in our premortal life! And this is where joy comes! Finding our new talents, repairing our weaknesses, and perfecting our imperfections! I know that these little girls have a lot ahead of them and God needs them to start preparing right now for their eternal destiny! So for you my friends and family, prepare yourselves now! Find your lists, put God at the center of your lives and witness the joy that comes through obedience and faith! God lives! He is in everything! I love and miss you all! Keep up the good work and be happy! Have a great week!
Love, Soeur Kofford
Last p-day! Beautiful view at Taravao! Passed lots of cows and grasslands getting to this spot and it made me think of the ranch! I miss that place and my grandparents so much!
Lucy's baptism!
Naomi's baptism!
Mission shirts! Matching on accident with Elder Smith!

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