Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Best Days of Our Lives!

Hello hello my wonderful friends and my perfect family! I love and miss you like crazy, but if I could choose I would not be anywhere else but in Papeari, Tahiti! Things are so good and miracles and blessings are flooding over us each and everyday! I know that God needs His children. He is calling forth the troops that will play a part in His army! He is touching hearts and changing lives! This week was great! On Saturday we had the baptism of Itia and her granddaughter, Heinaiki! The missionary discussions entered into their home through nine year old Heinaiki and soon interested the entire family! Itia explained to us this week that she has already had lots of experiences with the missionaries. All I can say is that I am happy that I was not one of those missionaries that had encountered her in the past hahaha! Itia is a new person and has completely changed! She opened her heart and accepted the life saving message that we have been called to share! When she asked us if she could see her husband that had passed away several years earlier, we were happy to respond . . . Yes! She has now committed herself to do everything she can to win this eternal life with her husband and her family! Her baptism was a beautiful experience! One that I will never forget! Now, like I have mentioned in previous emails, Heinaikis will be getting married on the 18th and baptized right after! What we didn't know is that Heinaiki actually has two other sisters! Surprise! They live in the city and came all the way here for the baptism on Saturday. When they saw the miracle of baptism, they immediately had the desire to do the same thing for themselves! So a couple hours later, we were at their house teaching them the lessons to prepare them for their baptism that will be the same day as their parents wedding! I love this family! With all of my heart! I cannot express to you how amazing it has been to see their lives change, to see peace enter their home, and joy enter their hearts! That is the amazing thing about this gospel. JOY! True happiness and joy are only available through the truth that is offered to us in the gospel of Jesus Christ! God is our Heavenly Father! He loves us! He knows us! And He wants the best for us! He will send never ending blessings if we simply put our trust in  Him and accept to change! It is only through this change that we will be able to progress and find who we really are! I know that God has something bigger and better planned for this family! They have a potential without limit! And they have just begun to taste all of the blessings that await! I know that God knows everything from the beginning! We are all being prepared in our own way for something bigger and better! I am happy to be an instrument in the Lords hands to help people find this great truth! So as you go throughout this week, try to be the person that helps the Lords work move forward! Be the person that He can count on! Be the person that He needs you to be to bring to pass immortality and the eternal life of man! God lives and this church is true! Thanks again for being such a great support! Thank you for your thoughts and prayers! Have a fabulous week!
Love, Soeur Kofford
Heinaiki stole my camera! Haha SMILE!
Baptism of Itia and Heinaiki!!! Such an amazing day! This has probably been the best day of my life and I will tell you why!
Love these little girls! They're honestly like my little sisters! They know the ten commandments better than the bible and pray and read their scriptures every single day!! They're just waiting for their parents to approve the baptism! Pray for Ravanui, Chloe, Terani, Aloe, and Hanalei!

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