Monday, January 26, 2015

Miracles Through Faith and Action

Bonjour mes amis et ma belle famille!
I hope that all is well back in the real world and that life is
treating you well! It has been a good and hard week for me. At the
beginning of this new year, the ward proposed a goal of twenty four
baptisms for the year 2015. This is a lot. Since this ward had 12
baptisms last year they thought that it would be a good idea to double
their efforts and double the number of baptisms. This means that we
need two baptisms each month. So this month we came to the conclusion
that we had 8 investigators that could potentially be ready for
baptism before the end of January. As the weeks progressed and none of
these investigators really seemed to be keeping their commitments and
Satan seemed to be having his grasp on each one we started to fear
that we would not reach our goal of having two baptisms in the Month
of January. So Soeur Hunter and I decided to fast. We fasted and asked
our Heavenly Father who would be ready for baptism. We said countless
prayers and fasted with faith. As our fast came to an end and I said
the prayer to end it, I said aloud each of the names of the
investigators who we had thought of who could potentially be ready to
be baptised. As I said the names Peari and Heimoana, the light of the
sun came through our window into our little house and we could feel
its warmth through our closed and praying eyes. We had received our
answer. Peari and Heimoana would be prepared and have the true desire
to be baptised by the end of the month. So the next day at church the
mother of these two sisters flagged us down. She began to tell us that
her daughters had both received their answers through prayer and
wanted to be baptized this week! What? I could hardly believe it! So
it is settled. Peari and Heimoana will be baptized this Thursday the
29th. On Shaylees birthday! So happy birthday Shaylee! I truly do know
that when we do all that we can do and all that we know how to do that
God will provide a way. Miracles can happen through diligence,
obedience, and faith. Yesterday was probably the hardest day of my
mission. My companion Soeur Hunter will soon finish her mission and it
seemed to hit me all at once all that I will have to know how to do on
my own when she is no longer there to show me. There are a lot of
responsibilities that come with being a missionary. It is a lot to
take in and especially when you have to do everything in a foreign
language. Last night I began to doubt. I did not think that I was
capable of all the upcoming things that I have to do in the future. I
did not have confidence in the languages and I felt weak and alone. It
was a very hard time for me. As I thought about all these things over
and over again I realized something very important. Someone has
already felt these things for me. Someone has already paid. Our Savior
Jesus Christ gave us the atonement so we can give away these doubts
and negative emotions so we can feel joy. So I decided to ask my
Heavenly Father through prayer if He would please allow me to use the
power of the atonement in my life and take away my stress, my worries,
my sadness, and my doubts. Sure enough my head started to clear and I
felt light. I truly do know that all is possible through our Savior
Jesus Christ. He loves us and wants to help us in every way that He
can. But He also makes it possible for us to use the power of His
great sacrifice, the atonement in our lives. I am so thankful for the
atonement and all that is possible through it. So this week with your
trials and afflictions, practice using His atonement. It is there for
us! I know that Jesus Christ lives and that He knows and loves us
specifically and individually. Show your love for Him by trying to
become more like Him each and everyday! This church is so true! Thank
you for all of your prayers, your love, and support! It truly does
help more than you will ever know! Have a great and Christlike week!
Love, Soeur Heather Kofford
This is the family MATEHA! We made Oreo Cheesecake, had a lesson on Joseph Smith, and I taught the daughters a dance this morning! DAY MADE!
Pascal and Leonie got married!

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