Monday, January 12, 2015

Another Great Week!

Things have continued to go well here on the little island of Huahine. The sun has been shining and it is absolutely beautiful. I truly am serving in paradise. I often ask myself why I am so blessed. All I can do is remind myself that where much is given, much is also required. So I truly am trying my hardest to live my life for my Savior. I successfully survived my first district meeting that I had to conduct. I had a very stressful week trying to prepare by the spirit and also practicing my French and Tahitian. The lesson was on the importance of meaningful planning and all went well. I know that my Savior was helping me every step of the way. This week was also fun because I got to witness my first MAA TAHITI! This is just Tahiti food haha. And a lot of it. They prepare the food in an oven in the ground. We helped set everything up. The food cooks over night and in the morning its finished. There are lots of interesting things that go in the oven and I do not know the names for it all haha but for the most part its edible . . . . hahaha! Oh! The other thing with Maa Tahiti is that you can only eat with your hands! They would not give me silverware! It was a great cultural experience with me and all of the members find great joy in watching me struggle! The island finally has gas again so we have our car back. One day as we were driving, after I had finished memorizing my scripture for the day, it occured to me that I was thinking in French. Then I realized that I had been thinking in |French for quite a while. I kept thinking and to my surprise I could say anything in my head that I wanted to say. I am so thankful that the Lord has helped me with my French. I know that He will continue to help me with French and Tahitian as well if I continue to work at it and do my part. For the duration of my mission so far I have had the thought in the back of my head that while I am on my mission, I have to put everything on hold. My talents, hobbies, desires, etc. While this is basically true, I came to the realization that I am still me and I can still be myself and enjoy my life while I am serving. I can use my strengths to bring joy to the lives of others. There truly are people waiting for me. They have been prepared for me and my personality. My way of thinking and my way of teaching. They are ready for my testimony and my love. So this week as you go throughout life, be yourself. Let your light shine into the hearts of others. And I promise you will find joy as you bring your light and happiness to those you associate with. Look for opportunities to love and to serve. Pray for these opportunities. You are you for a reason. Thanks for all of the love and support! Have a fabulous week! Love, Soeur Heather Kofford
Cute bridge! This is the hang out spot for all the young people! If someone is not at their house we can always find them here! There is no hiding from the missionaries on this tiny island. 
At the beach just after a ward activity!
Making coconut milk! MAA TAHITI

Making coconut milk with Soeur Hunter!

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