Monday, December 8, 2014

First Week in Paradise!

Wow! I honestly do not even know where to start! First of all . . . I am typing on a French keyboard so please excuse my punctuation and grammar mistakes.Tahiti is beautiful, the people are great, my companion is fabulous, the food is okay, the weather is very hot and humid, and the languages are rough! I am on a tiny island called Huahine. When President Bize interviewed me to assign me to my area, he said that this island is one of the most beautiful islands. He was right. It really is gorgeous. There are only four missionaries on the island and we are all sisters. My companion is Sister Hunter. She is a native Tahitian. She is super nice and patient and a wonderful teacher. I aspire to be like her. We teach around 8 lessons a day to all kinds of different people. These people come from very humble circumstances. Most houses have dirt floors and missing walls. The bedroom is the kitchen and the living room and everything is everywhere! Every house looks like one of Grandpa Judds barns hahaha. Oh! Also, everyone has at least 42 dogs and 63 cats. We even have 3 cats that legitimately live at our house. The fruit is amazing. For all of the meals, we eat rice, bread, and something else. My favorite thing is cereal hahaha like usual. I found a box of Frosted Flakes at the store and was very grateful! The languages are very very different from what we learned in the MTC. The accents are different and everyone talks very quickly and very quietly. Also, since I am on a little island, the main language is in fact . . . Tahitian. This is great because I cannot even understand the French that is being spoken to me hahaha but it will be great for me to learn. I just need to practice patience with myself and remind myself that these languages, like everything, are a process. Of course I am not going to understand everything on the first day! I just need to accept that! But yes, understanding and speaking the languages have definitely been my biggest struggle. But I can see myself improving little by little each day. So I will live. We have two baptisms on December 19th so this is good news! The gospel is very active here and the members are very nice. I have already been able to witness how the gospel changes lives and it has been such a blessing to see. It truly is amazing how much I already love these people. I am so thankful for the missionary program and for my mission call specifically. I know that I am supposed to be here on the island of Huahine right now. It is hard, but I can do hard things with a smile. I can do all things through Christ. Our extremity truly is Gods opportunity. We have to have trials, humble ourselves, and become weak in order for Him to make us strong. Please keep me in your prayers. Thanks for everything! Have a great week!
Love, Tuahine Kofford
P.S. Nobody can pronounce Kofford correctly hahaha the struggle is real! When this happens I feel like asking the people . . . have you said your name lately, Sister Meriterani?? haha but its good!

Until next week! xoxo

We legitimately taught a lesson right here. We teach lessons anytime, anywhere, to anybody!
Fancy plane to Tahiti!
Our little house!

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