Monday, November 9, 2015

We Shall Be Known by Our Works!

Iaorana ma famille et mes amis!
Another week has come and gone! It was another great week and I am amazed at how the Gospel allows us to be constantly learning! I finished the Book of Mormon in French and it was such an uplifting experience! I want to read it one more time before coming home and I know that these efforts will bless our missionary work here in Mahina! I am so thankful for this piece of truth that we have and the power that comes from it! I have grown to absolutely love the Book of Mormon! If I could give any of you advice on how to improve your life, I would tell you to make friends with this book! It changed my life and it will change yours! 
This week, the scripture that rang through my head was again John 14:15. Christ talks to us telling us about His fathers commandments. Everything good in this life comes from God. His love is obvious and never ending! As we taste of His goodness and love, we too realize that we love Him back! What can we do to show this love? Obey. Obedience is the easiest and the hardest thing to do in the world. It is learning to let go of our wants and desires and to fully trust in the Lord. We are so blessed here on earth because we have the chance to show our dedication and obedience. Now truly is the time that we have to prepare ourselves for the day when we will meet God. Our death will not change anything. If we are obedient in this life, we will be able to continue on this path afterwards. But if we do not learn to obey during our life here on earth, we will not be capable of reaching the standards in the afterlife. Also, our overall goal and objective is to become like God. Obviously God obeys His own commandments, and He is perfect and happy doing so! He loves His commandments. He asks us to trust in His perfect knowledge and gives us hints of true happiness through His sacred commandments. Obedience is the first law of heaven, it started before this life and will continue forever! The things that are bound here on earth will be bound one day on high. So choose today to obey! In every aspect that life provides! A scripture that I love is in Moroni 7. It says, "By your works ye shall know them; for if their works be good, then they are good also." Something that I learned on the drill team is that, "we will never be perfect, but we can be perfect in trying!" If we spend our life trying, picking ourselves up and continuing when we fall short, and having the desire to serve our God because we love Him . . . God will know us by these works and efforts and we will become good! So whatever the weakness is in your life right now, give it up and get to know God! Be perfect in trying and you will become good! 
Life is beautiful, God is good, the church is true! Mahina is continuing to progress! We have some awesome investigators who are all working hard to come unto Christ! If you could pray for Tane, Marwinda, Rai, Poeiti, Tevahine, Matatoa, Audrey, and Teura that would be great! Miracles are waiting to happen! Thanks again for everything! I love you all! Have a fantastic week!
Love, Soeur Kofford
Ate dinner with the Bennett family! This is Becca! Gods special children always have a spot saved in Soeur Koffords heart!
Moi et Soeur James! Pday patio chairs in the ocean!
Decorated for Christmas!
Dancing on the beach!
Soeur James lives in my house! She was on the West Lake drill team! Happy to find that we can still kinda dance!
I miss dancing, but I've still got my flexibility!

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