Tuesday, August 25, 2015

We See Better in the Light!

Iaorana my wonderful friends and family!
I love and miss you so much and still ask myself all the time how I got so blessed to be a part of your lives! We had another amazing week! God is good! We started out the week with the baptism of Doris and Teanau! These baptisms were both such miracles! It has not been very long since Doris joined another local church and thought she had found the truth and light in her life. Soon enough, a week later we show up on her door step and made her smile and laugh more than she has in years! She explained to us that she knew the church was true the moment she felt the presence of the spirit in her home. We shared the lessons and after prayer and fasting she decided to join the only true church on the earth today. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. Her life has completely turned around. Then there is the story of Teanau. We started the lessons with her right when the companionship of Soeur Kofford and Soeur Shariatmadari commenced. She was living and sleeping with her boyfriend and also had issues with drugs. With the power of the Holy Ghost we asked her and her boyfriend to break up and committed them both to follow the Word of Wisdom. Sure enough, not too long after, Teanau moved out and Raimo is now preparing to serve a mission. Raimo also stopped smoking and drinking and it is amazing to me to see the light that came into his life and eyes! Teanau finally stopped smoking last week and was able to be baptized with Doris on Wednesday! Beautiful day! We also had three members of the 70 come and talk to us this week. President Robbins, President Sinju, and President Pearson! Their talks were amazing and I wish I could send you all of my insights and notes and everything I learned and realized, but I will explain the highlights briefly. They talked about the importance of the spirit in our life and being led and guided by Him! If you do not have the spirit with you right now . . . go do something about it so that He can dwell in your heart and in your mind and show unto you the things that you must do! I also loved the fact that in our premortal life, we agreed to come here to earth to accomplish the things we discussed with God before this mortal existence! Each of you have a huge potential with things that God needs you to do to help Him to prepare His kingdom! The Holy Ghost will lead us to these things if we will do our best to invite Him! Another important thing that we have to do is to pray to have Him with us! So do it! Pray constantly to have Him with you! I love the Holy Ghost and I know he loves me and I am so thankful for his presence in my life! I also learned the missionary that I need to be is an effective one. And to be an effective missionary we have to be guided by the spirit! I hope that I am being the missionary and person that God knows I can be! I hope that I am doing my best to accomplish my work here on the earth and become the best I possibly can! We had another miracle yesterday! A couple of weeks ago we started lessons with Djelma and her daughter Hanaiki! They were golden investigators and Hanaiki accepted baptism for the 5th of September! We then found that Hanaiki's Grandma had not yet been baptized and was actually really distraught about this! Her only issue is that she was scared of water! We fasted and prayed and sure enough she accepted to be baptized the 5th with her granddaughter. She was so happy about the fact that she could see her husband again that had passed away a few years earlier! Now we were just missing Djelma and the husband. The husbands name is Bayard and needs to change his life. He never really showed up when we would come for the lessons, but we committed him to come to church anyway. And yesterday . . . he came! Afterwards he let us know that he wanted what we had! He wanted the light! So if all goes as planned, Him and Djelma will be getting married and baptized on the 12th of September! God lives and He knows and loves us! He knows where we need to be and when, and he even knows what we need to say! In our life, sometimes it can be kind of hard to be following exactly and becoming exactly the person that we had agreed to become before. We see better in the light! With the light of the spirit . . . you will not find yourself lost! So search out this light! He is waiting to help you and guide you! I love you all! God is real and this church is true! Have a great week!
Love, Soeur Kofford
MTC buddies and our trainees!!
World famous teahupoo!
Love my companion!
Doris and Teanau's baptism!

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