Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Week 5

I cannot believe that I have already been in the MTC for 5 weeks. Time really is passing by so quickly! Life has continued to treat me well and I still am loving it here! It has been a great week! We started our first day of French yesterday which was super awesome! It felt so good to actually know something. So far, I have known everything that has been taught. It has been such a blessing to be a little ahead of the game! It is funny to me because back in high school, I thought French was pretty hard. But now, comparing it to Tahitian, it is actually way easy. The sentence structure is closer to the English language and I already know a lot of vocabulary. So this has been nice. I am a little worried that I will forget everything I've learned in Tahitian over the next six weeks but Sister Erekson and I have made some pretty intense goals in regard to that. I think we will be just fine. So its been a pretty eventful week! We took Sister Stevens to her first dentist appointment ever! Haha crazy! Six cavities and four hours later we returned to the MTC. She handled this well and I have been reminding her to brush her teeth and floss every day. This was a fun little field trip for Sister Erekson and I though. As we walked in to the dentist office. We noted two small leather chairs. We both decided that we would prefer to sit in them as opposed to the other hard chairs in the waiting room. Soon enough we discovered that these very special chairs even reclined! Day made!! We then proceeded to read out of our Tahitian Books of Mormon and practice teaching each other lessons in Tahitian. You should have seen the looks on the faces of the patients that came and went. Two grown girls sitting in children's recliners speaking some foreign language. I am sure it was quite a sight! hahaha! Another fiasco that happened was, one of the girls in our zone got super sick a couple days ago. So we took a little trip to the ER at 2 in the morning. She still has some tests that need to be done but she should be fine. All of us Tahitian missionaries are having a good time. It is still fun to talk to the Elders from France. We continue to help them with English and they help us with our French. They are all super smart and their ability to speak Tahitian will probably far exceed ours any day now. They are super jealous that we will know all three languages when we get home though and they will still only know two. So a funny situation that happened was one day Elder Dargeunce came into our classroom to visit the other day. (This is normal behavior, they all have a hard time focusing without the help of a teacher and so they take little breaks and distract our class from time to time haha) anyway, so he was sitting there talking about something when he accidentally leaned back and his head hit the button that triggered the intercom system. The people at the front desk responded and asked what we needed. He responded, "Sorry it was a bad manipulation." I about died from laughing hahaha! The English is still a work in progress! Sister Erekson and I played a piano duet for a musical number on Sunday! It was super cool! I love playing the piano and am glad my parents made me stick it out for all of those years! I love the music at the MTC in general! We are always singing hymns in some kind of language and its awesome! In our district, we often sing Christmas hymns! Love this! As I was studying this week, I was reading in D&C 121 which is about Joseph Smith suffering in the Liberty Jail. I love these sections because I have such a great love for Joseph Smith and all of the things he sacrificed for this church. So in verse 41 it talked about several things. One of which is long suffering. As we all go throughout our lives, everyone of us is going to experience times of long suffering. This is okay. We made the decision to come to this earth to be tried and tested and to become more like our Savior. In order to become more like Him. We need to suffer as he did. This goes right along with President Monson's talk in Conference. We need to walk as he walked. So when these times of trial and tribulation come, just "take it because it will be worth it." Also this week I have been working on increasing my faith. It has been super cool because ever since I made this goal, it seems as though every devotional, lesson taught, and lesson that I teach is meant just for me. In personal study last night, I came across Alma 32 which talks all about faith. I have learned so much through all of this. I know that God will answer our prayers and will give us aid. We just have to be looking for those answers. John 8:29 talks about how if we do the things that are pleasing to God, we will never stand alone. He will always be with us. I know this church is true. I am so so so thankful for the happiness it brings to my life! Thanks for your love and support! Have a fantastic week! Je vous aime!
Love, Soeur Kofford 

This is how we tell the Sisters goodnight! They love their Sister Training Leaders!! Hahaha

​Had to get the Martha Stewart Catalog Cover Photo! Halloween Addition! Happy Hauntings!

​Object lesson . . . Inside joke! Also, note the toothpick in my mouth . . .

​We love our teacher Brother Honey! I made him a super cute flower name tag!! Isn't our classroom cute?! hahaha

We love to see the temple!! Elders struggle hard core at taking pictures, but hey at least they got most of the temple!

​So we are all currently wearing Sister Cambell on our shirts . . . her mom sent us like 20 of these?! We are still a little unsure but hey! We all match! hahahah

Don't you worry, I've still got it! SPLITZ!!

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