Saturday, October 11, 2014

Week 3

Hello Friends and Family! 
I have officially decided that the mission live is the best life! I truly do love it here at the MTC! I love this gospel and I love the happiness I feel through living it with such exactness. We got two new France districts last Tuesday which has been fun! It's fun to have sisters in our classroom building and also in our residences again! Megan Eliason is not in our zone but she is just three doors down in the residence! Also, Mckenzie Cordner is in her room as well. Way cool to see both of them! Jake Snell also came last Wednesday! Fun having a close friend here. Jaxon Carson from school is in our zone so that is neat. I seriously know so many people here and my district wonders how I do it! It is pretty funny! So basically General Conference was nothing short of AMAZING!! It seemed like everything was somehow directed to us missionaries. I got questions answered and totally felt the spirit. It seems like they talked a lot about the prophet and his apostles and how we need to follow them and also a lot about repentance. I guess I never truly realized how important repentance really is. It is important for us and important to those who we are teaching. Because no unclean thing can dwell in the presence of God. I also loved loved loved Elder Bednar's talk. I loved how he said that our church is a missionary church and always will be a missionary church! So true! Also, the fact that as missionaries we simply want to share our knowledge and happiness that comes from knowing and living the truth. This is also very true. Well, Sister Erekson and I are still doing fabulous! We try to match our outfits everyday and get complimented frequently. Ha gym time is always an adventure, I continue to teach a little work out class to sisters which is fun! It is also fun being a Sister Training Leader. So many blessing come through serving others. We are getting another Tahitian district TODAY!!! Yay we are so excited!! They are all international and have interesting names. We highly doubt that they will speak any English but we will make it work! So! Back to General Conference! Do you remember Elder Kacher of the seventy who addressed us?! Well he served his mission in Tahiti and actually came to meet our district a couple days prior to conference! So cool! Ha we had no idea that he would be speaking and all about fell off our chairs when his name was announced! Also, Elder Martinez who talked in conference as well has a son here at the MTC. And the day that he talked his son happened to be sitting right in front of us! It is amazing to see all of these cool connections that occur here at the MTC! So our district is continually progressing with the language and gospel study. We have this week and next to learn what we can of Tahitian and  then we will be moving on to French. Crazy that we have already been here for three weeks! Time flies when we work hard, have fun, and feel the spirit. A couple funny things that have happened in the past week: I mixed up the Tahitian words for eyelashes and eye glasses and went around in an exercise telling people that I liked their eye glasses when they weren't even wearing any! The Tahitian missionaries were a little confused but the other missionaries had no idea what I was saying anyway so all is well! Ha another thing was when Sister Erekson and I were in our TRC, she told the investigator that she passionately kissed the Book of Mormon instead of saying that she loved it hahaha! This was funny! The struggle is always real, but it makes things interesting and funny! We still laugh all the time and keep an upbeat attitude in our class which is good. BUt we also make sure the spirit is present. Things are great. Life is great. I really do love being a missionary. On the days when i do find it a little hard to wake up and do the same day over and over, I just remember how blessed I am and that this is the least I can do to give back to my Heavenly Father and show him how much I love Him! I love this gospel. Remember to do a little better and be a little better each day! I love you all! Thanks for everything!

--Sister Kofford

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