Thursday, July 2, 2015

Sick but Happy!

Iaorana friends and family! My companion and I can successfully tell you that we survived the "dangue fever"! Yay! This was the first time that I have really been sick on my mission and I am so glad that things are looking better! We started out the week being so sore and not being able to move! We told Soeur Bize about the dilemma and she informed us that we did infact have the lovely disease and that we needed to stay in the house to heal. This was hard for me to accept, but we did it anyways since we could not really move. A few days later we finally thought that we were feeling better until the other dangue side effects came rolling into play. We got a rash that itches like no other and prevents us from sleeping at night and is super sensative in the sun and outside. Haha It has been quite the adventure but do not worry! All is going better now and we are ready and excited to have a week of normal work and good health ahead of us. Being sick is just another one of the trials of the mission. But we managed to keep a positive attitude and endure to the end. haha! We actually did have a really great week though! We had the baptism and marriage of Emilienne and Tihote on Saturday which was so amazing! I think that I am happiest in life when I can see others happy through the Gospel of Jesus Christ! I am so happy for their little family! Now their goal is to go through the temple in a year and be sealed as a family! I love the Plan of Salvation and this church! I love our Heavenly Father who provided us with this happy ending and I am thankful for our Savior, Jesus Christ because all is possible through Him! So I just had a cool thought the other day that I wanted to share. One day during the week, I went on splits with Soeur Lavelua another sister in our house because my companion was more sick than me, Soeur Laveluas companion was sick, and we had some people that really needed to be seen. So Soeur Lavelua and I worked and worked and worked. We had fun but I was sick and weak and it was about all I could to to hike the mile hill with my bike at the end of the night and get into the house! When we got there I found that my companion was already asleep. Knowing that there are certain responsibilities to do before going to bed I was a little discouraged thinking about all I had to do and about how tired and exhausted I was. I found myself laying down on our little couch in the kitchen not really feeling like doing any of it. Then I thought back to when I was a little girl. When I would be so tired and end up falling asleep in some random spot for the night. I can always remember that my dad would come and carry me to my bed. He loved me and knew I was tired and knew I could not get my two little legs to carry me the few steps to bed. His acts of love provided me with the comfort of my bed and a good night sleep when there was no possible way I could have done it alone. Then I continued to think back on my life with situations similar to this. As I got a little older and the destination of my bed was a little farther away, I remember my dad waking me up and asking me if I could walk to my bed. At times I was still so so so tired. I really did not want to leave the temporary comfort of the couch for a good night sleep, but we both knew that if I could just endure through the last couple steps of the day, there was a better end waiting for me. And so at times, I did walk to my bed in the late hours of the night with my dad by my side to guide my wobbling steps. After thinking of all this, I thought about our Savior, Jesus Christ. He knows our lives and the steps we take. He knows our trials and our griefs and our pains. He knows us better than we know ourselves. He knows when things are too hard and too much to bear and at these moments He carries us. He will never leave us stranded in a situation we cannot handle! But sometimes when He knows that we are capable of something, that we have to do something in order to reach our potential, or that this hard obstacle in our life really is a key to our progression, He leaves us to take those last few steps! Because He knows its better for us and He knows we can do it! So the night when I was so tired on the couch deciding how to spend the last few hours of my night, I took the last few steps and even though it was just one night with little decisions I am glad I did. Now I know that with other situations simliar to this one in life, all we have to do is our best and take the last couple steps to the destination of a happy ending! Because one day all of these little steps will mold the path that we take to the place we call eternal life! So in your everyday lives . . . just take those last couple steps! Well I love and miss you all! Thank you for everything!! I hope you all have a great week!
Love, Soeur Kofford
Marriage of Emilienne and Tihote!
Baptism of Tihote!

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