Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Week 8

It has been a great week and the hardest week yet but all is well! I truly am a happy missionary! For the past week, I have been working on the Christlike attribute, "diligence." This has really helped me in my studies, in my thoughts, and in my desires. I have found myself not wasting hardly any time and also having the desire to do more to improve and succeed. We can do all things through Christ but we have to be willing to put in our part as well. Working on this characteristic has definitely made a difference in my life here at the MTC and am challenging you all to constantly be working to better yourself in some way to become more like our Savior. It was a hard week because all of the France missionaries left and it was honestly so hard to say our goodbyes. Also there was some tension between some missionaries for a few days. With these things on my mind, I felt the need to add another attribute to my list of things to focus and work on. And so "charity and love" were now in my heart. After lots of praying and concentrating on these characteristics, things finally got better! I truly do know that God does answer every single one of our prayers. But He does it in His way. He does it in the way that will be most beneficial to us. I know that I will have times in my mission that are very hard. In fact, probably some of the hardest times of my life. But these little waves of hardship that occur along the way are what are going to help when the hurricanes come. I can do hard things through Christ, and I can do them with a smile. Sister Erekson and I have still been memorizing our 40 words a day which is crazy and now we are also memorizing a scripture a day too! This is quite a task because we do not have a lot of free time to accomplish these things, but it helps us to use every minute of our time wisely. I can already tell a difference in my life and see the blessings that are coming through being diligent and trying our hardest to work as hard as we can. One Elder from one of the French districts stayed behind to get a little more help with the language. He got put into our district and broke up the trio of Elders. This has been a little difficult for them but they are coping well. This Elder has told us many times that he has already learned so much and really appreciates our district. He said that ours gets a lot more done than his previous district and that the spirit is always in our classroom. This was cool for me to hear. As I was studying the scriptures this week, I came across 3 Nephi 14. I would highly recommend reading it because it is great! In verse 13 it explains that "wide is the gate to destruction." I still like the fact that we are instructed to stay on the "straight and narrow path." On this path, there is no room for wandering off. We need to remember God in all that we do and really come to know Him. In verses 22-23 of 3 Nephi 14 it explains how essential it is for us to come to know God. I love thinking back on the YW theme and how it says "we will stand as a witness of God at all times, in all things, and in all places." I regret not thinking more about the words of this theme each Sunday when I would recite it because I do know that if we are remembering God in all things, that we can truly come to know Him better. We started a thing called "Family Friday." We all just bring pictures of our friends and family and get to talk about them for a few minutes each Friday. I love this! Thank you for all being so great and giving me so many good things to talk about! I seriously have been blessed with the best family and some amazing friends! I really do appreciate the incredible examples! Well, Sister Erekson and I still like to rock the summery, bright clothes. All of the senior couples always ask us where are coats are and the Elders comment us on making the gloomy days bright. It is a fun time! The languages are still coming along pretty well. We had a zone meeting this week which was completely in French. For the first time, I understood EVERY word that was spoken and felt the spirit probably stronger than ever before! It was THE coolest thing! Also, last night as I was saying my prayer, I got a couple minutes into it and realized that I had not spoken a word of English! I had to laugh to myself because this blew my mind! It is amazing how much help I am getting! I can feel your prayers and I thank you for that! I know that it is through Christ that these things are possible. This is His mission, not mine. I am just helping Him accomplish His divine plan! Well, Thanks for everything! Keep enjoying life! Until next week! 
Je vous aime!! xoxo
Love, Sister Heather Kofford

​Sometimes we like to clean our new classroom with cute black gloves!
​Had to get the picture by the map! Love district 63B
Some new frands going to France.
​Weekly Sister temple pic!
​Don't mess with us!(:
​Ma compie
​The fab district!
​Study time!!
​Saying goodbye to these cute sisters was THE WORST! But they will do great things in France!
One thing I have learned from being a companion with Sister Erekson and Sister Stevens is that it is okay to really stop and smell the roses. For me, I feel like I always want to be doing something. And when I complete that task, move on to the next thing quickly. I have learned patience in waiting and waiting for them in the mornings and for meals and at night and everything in between! But it is a good lesson to learn. Productivity is still so important but its okay to enjoy the little things!

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